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All about the French singer Alizee from the island of Corsica

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So... I re-watched the movie The Accountant.  Yeah, yeah I hear you... not your favorite movie. But I enjoy it.  I like it for the background stories.The number ThreeBenford's LawZZZ Accounting...All that goofy stuff... you can check out th...

Alexa play Alizée

on Jan 14, 2019

Alexa play AlizéeAlexa has it all there, just ask...even the English versionMaybe not everything, but a lotEven the new Remix collection...

Palm Tree Christmas Songs with AlizeeIt's that time of yearYeah, I admit it, I still melt when I hear Alizee sing in English at 55 secondsspecial endingAlizee at 1:10Merry Christmas Everyone...

For flamingyo24

on Nov 19, 2018

For flamingyo24Johann Jacotey (@flamingyo24) • InstagramJoSupremeHasan Minhaj - Supreme...

Alizee Blue #ootd

on Dec 28, 2017

 Alizee Blue #ootdAlizee...Did you say blue? #ootd!

Alizee 2017

on Nov 15, 2017

Alizee 2017Alizee autumn 2017...

Alizee - Gooble, Gobble, One of UsMy favorite of us!Alizee looks like one of us :)hide those eyelashes...