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This blog is about my life and work as a writer, artisit, biodynamic gardener and Celtic Shaman.

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I just love this guy !!!

Stonehenge DNA

on Apr 18, 2019

  This article caught my eye. 2/3rds through it says, “The British hunter-gatherers were almost completely replaced by the Neolithic farmers, apart from one group in western Scotland, where the Neolithic inhabitants had elevated local ance...

Elen Sentier lives in the back of beyond in the Welsh Marches with her partner and her cats, and understatedly refers to herself as a writer of magic, mystery and romance as well as being an accomplished practitioner of British shamanism.  Here she...

Animal Sanctuaries

on Apr 16, 2019 in: wildlife

A majestic stag stands tall against a backdrop of wildflower meadows, as the sun sets behind a woodland of towering oak trees. Half a dozen hinds graze peacefully, knowing that the sentinel is on guard. This could be a scene from anywhere in the UK,...

Moon Song review

on Apr 13, 2019

Thank you June Kent of Indieshaman for this review … Moon Song Author Elen Sentier, a natural storyteller and British shaman, weaves an enchanting contemporary tale of myth and magick with a strong thread of shamanic wisdom and a skill reminisc...

Here’s an excerpt from Elen of the Ways where I meet Elen as a deer …  ...

Spring Newsletter

on Apr 9, 2019

HERE is the Spring Newsletter  ...