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An online journal of food gardening on the edge of the outback in Australia. Featuring wormfarming, composting, water saving strategies, mulching, shading and wicking worm beds. No sprays used - soil building for plant health.

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I was away for the first half of this year taking care of little Miss Tropical Girl while her Mum went back to work full time. Returning to Frostyland from the Tropics in the middle of winter took some adjustment!! šŸ˜±As I had cleared out all the be...

Autumn Greens Sowing

on Jan 7, 2017

Early January and it's time to get the Autumn greens started... Greens Sowing 3/1/17:Broccoli Romansco ESBroccoli Umpqua SOCollards Georgia Southern ESCabbage Red Express SOCabbage Tronchuda ESLettuce Dov SOLettuce Red Romaine ESKale Dwarf Siberian E...

The End of 2016

on Jan 5, 2017

We sweltered through the Hottest Christmas Day in SA for 70 years. It was just as well the greenhouse was nearly empty as the temperature inside was over 49C that's over 120F. Outside it reach 40C. Relief came in the form of storms with high winds...

The garden has taken off after a slow start with a cooler than usual Spring this year.Ā  Earwigs have lingered causing much damage to young curcurbits and Basil! In Bed 2 the Tromboncino Zucchini is just steering it's way to the trellisĀ  whil...

Beds: 21 - 25

on Dec 14, 2016

Bed 21 IBC WickingBed Silverbeet purchased seedlings Planted 13 Oct and Kiwano Cucumbers Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 5 Nov Bed 22 IBC WickingBed Tomato Mini Amish x 5 Sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 5 Nov in Central Cage B...

Beds:16 - 20

on Dec 10, 2016

Bed 16 IBC Wicking BedTomato Mortgage Lifter x 5 sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 6 Oct (in central cage)+ Basil Sweet Genovese and Purple Ruffles sown 8 Aug potted on 11 SepĀ  Planted out 6 Oct + Rat Tailed Radish (for edible pods) Direct so...

Beds: 11 -16

on Dec 10, 2016

Bed 11 Fridge Wicking BedChillies Seranto Sown 19 July Potted up 12 Sep Planted out 30 Oct + 3 Purchased advanced Chilli plants Bed 12 Fridge Wicking BedStrawberries some moved from Bed 20Ā  Bed 13 Kakai Pumpkin (for their hulless seeds) Sown 16...