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CHEVY MONTAGE KEY FIGURES Car: 1957 Chevy Pickup Engine: BMW S62 V8 Build Time:1 0 months Build Location: “Bogi’s Garage” in Phoenix, Arizona Number of Women involved: 90 women from 19 states Bogi Lateiner launched the Chevy Montage project wit...

The fall can be a very busy time for students and parents, with everyone rushing to get things done for the back to school season. One item which can fall off the to-do list easily is vehicle maintenance. Whether you're...

ASK ME YOUR CAR MAINTENANCE QUESTIONS! I'm excited to announce that I'm partnering with to answer all of your car maintenance questions! Head over to, click 'ASK THE EXPERTS' and fire away with your questions! As you all...

When you hit the roads to go on your summer vacation, you'll be sharing the highways and byways with a lot of other tense and weary drivers.

The hum by Verizon system is installed through an onboard diagnostic (OBD) reader that is plugged into the vehicle's OBD port, and a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone that is clipped to the visor.

I don’t know about where you live, but gas prices are definitely going up where I live. My vehicle uses premium gas and right now it’s around 1.25/litre meaning close to $80.00 a fill up and the prices are supposed...

Most drivers have grown up with the traditionally advertised oil change recommendation of 3,000 miles, but if you've bought a new car within the last ten years that interval may no longer be necessary.