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This incredible 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 custom shaggin' wagon just sold for $40,000. From Bring A Trailer: The interior features swiveling captain's chairs upholstered in beige vinyl with brown quilted fabric inserts and yellow trim as well...

The new Texas factory near Austin is expected to bring in 10,000 jobs.

Politicians and car makers will often tout that the future of sustainable transportation lies in electric vehicles. Let’s be clear: cars won’t save us. In fact, cars are responsible for a lot of death on our streets and for supply chains...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said its app functionality is returning to normal after drivers were left struggling to use their cars, due to a server issue.

An EV project between Ford and Rivian has been scrapped, with Ford indicating it doesn't need Rivian's help to succeed, Automotive News reported.

"Asking 'full self-driving' to navigate Brooklyn felt like asking a student driver to take on a road test they weren't ready for," the reporter said.

The worker said the Tesla factory fosters "rampant sexual harassment." She detailed frequent lewd comments and instances of groping.