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Exploring Italy's industrial and manufacturing heritage.

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I watched Ford v. Ferrari the other day and ranter enjoyed it. Two iconic automobile manufactures in one movie? Sign me up.Of course, the movie took some liberty with the facts but from what I gather nothing galling or inappropriate. Although I could...

And is already a big player. Puts into perspective just how leaderless and foolish Canada is. Unacceptable what the Liberals and their coalition are doing."...In 2018, the PSV obtained a score of 16.5 out of 20 in the European Federation of Ener...

First post for 2020.I may have posted this article from MIT in the past but will do so again here in case. Italy has lagged its competitors in the field of technology (and historically while the county has contributed invaluable technological inventi...

Happy Holidays

on Dec 29, 2019

It's a little late for Merry Christmas so let's just go with a blanket merry happy holidays.And now for a non-sequitur piece of humour.

Sports cars, motor cycles, bicycles, planes and even boats get a lot of luck here but trucks not so much despite its own long and rich history on the Italian engineering landscape.Not surprisingly, the principal manufacturer of trucks in Italy is Fia...

Giotto Bizzarrini designed this beaut. You can pick one up for about 538 000 EUROS (or about  $800 000 CDN).Check out the Lancia's in the video. Such a severely under rated car: And criminally under appreciated for their innovations.

Genius went into building Venice and it will take genius to save it.Although, a good start would be to stop allowing Cruise ships into the Lagoon.