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Location:Northern California

Displays the artwork of this northern California artist. His specialty is primarily ink and watercolor art.

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Ocean Cave

on Mar 5, 2019

My ink and watercolor impression done from a vacation photo of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Judy Wickersham Schauermann.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

The valley in California runs from Bakersfield to Redding and is very hot from June thru October. When we traveled this route with our parents, we would stop at these refreshment stands for cool drinks and rest under the canopy in the shade. I drew t...

City At Night

on Feb 9, 2019

I like night scenes in watercolor. After many attempts, I finally produced a night scene I like. This one is a Japan city somewhere, maybe Tokyo. Love the multi-colored bright hues that make this painting come alive. Exact details are missing but nig...

Desert Monuments

on Jan 21, 2019

Huge towers etched by wind and rain over the years stand strong in the desert.Ink and watercolorClick link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Beautiful, colorful, healthy tomatoes growing on the vine in mid summer. Ink and watercolor.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Valley Shadows

on Dec 14, 2018

A beautiful slow moving river meanders through this open, tree-studded valley as the day's end is near. Shadows are a major element impacting this painting. Watercolor.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Autumn Oak

on Nov 28, 2018

A large, beautiful oak tree basks in the fall sun as its leaves turn bright. Soon the leaves will drop leaving the tree bare. The cycle will begin in the spring when new buds will magically appear. Mother Nature is at work. Watercolor.Click link ...