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Country:United States
Location:Northern California

Displays the artwork of this northern California artist. His specialty is primarily ink and watercolor art.

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Water's Edge

on Nov 19, 2018

 Simple watercolor shows only water, beach, trees, distant background.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

It's Pumpkin Time

on Nov 5, 2018 in: green

It's the time of the year when pumpkin patches dot the landscape. I painted this lone pumpkin as a reminder of how beautiful they are. The deep green contrasting background makes this pumpkin spectacular. Watercolor.Click link below to purchase...

U.S. Air Force Heavy

on Oct 27, 2018

An ink and wash illustration of a huge Air Force military C-17 transport roaring above carrying its cargo as needed far and near.Ink and watercolorClick link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Forest & Trees

on Oct 17, 2018 in: plants

Trees, shrubs, color, darkness are all visible in this whimsical forest scene. Only thing missing is a creature lurking somewhere. Or is there one???Ink and watercolor.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Tibetan Terriers

on Oct 6, 2018 in: dogs, pets

Cute little puppies hanging out together. Somebody must be talking to them because they are paying attention. The paw on the head means they are bonding.Ink and watercolor.Click link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Autumn Snow

on Sep 23, 2018 in: landscape

A surprise snowstorm leaves the landscape white. Colors in the trees remain brilliant. Autumn leaves remain on the trees. Temperatures will begin to drop. Strong snowstorms will soon take place.Watercolor.Click link below to purchase art itemsFi...

When I lived in San Diego, not only was I a Padre fan but I become a Dodger fan. Loved watching them at Dodger Stadium and always watched them on TV. Now I am a As /Giant fan but Dodgers remain a favorite.Ink and watercolor.Click link below to p...