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Country:United States
Location:Northern California

Displays the artwork of this northern California artist. His specialty is primarily ink and watercolor art.

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Forest Road

on Jul 10, 2018

Spring sunshine wakes up a cold forest as snow begins to melt. Once the sun shines, colors abound and plants and trees begin to grow.Ink and watercolorClick link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Heavy winter rains have allowed an abundance of colorful flowers to sprout as spring nears and warmer temperatures unfold.Ink and watercolorClick link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

Curious Frog

on Jun 18, 2018 in: animals

This cuddly, colorful little frog is merely wanting attention. It has beautiful coloring, it sounds good, and it hops very nicely. It deserves some loving attention.Ink and watercolorClick link below to purchase art itemsFine Art America...

B-25 Mitchell Bomber

on Jun 11, 2018

Workhorse World War II bomber and crews made many courageous bombing runs in this great airplane. Each bombing run faced heavy anti aircraft fire and attacks from enemy planes. Many planes and crews were lost but victories were many. Ink and watercol...

Warmer weather makes us want to get out to work on our yards. My painting shows some of the tools and equipment you may need. Not shown are the pain pills you will need for body aches with all of the bending, kneeling and crawling you will do.Ink and...

Egyptian Pyramids

on May 28, 2018

Beautiful, huge and mysterious. But the amazing thing to me is the fact these were constructed before there were cranes. Somehow these people figured out how to use people power, pulleys and engineered the building of these gigantic structures. How d...

Barren Hills

on May 21, 2018

There is some beauty in this parched, arid scene of hills and mountains which could be from the deserts in southwest California. No green from plants or trees show this area gets very little rainfall.Ink and watercolor.Click link below to purcha...