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Thyme for HerbsThyme for Herbs

A bolg about gardening with herbs and perennials, especially daylilies. Als...

The Far North GardenThe Far North Garden

Gardening and edible landscaping in cold climates.

Polka Dot BridePolka Dot Bride

Polka Dot Bride is the Australian wedding blog devoted to inspiring wedding...

The Midnight GardenThe Midnight Garden

One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst si...

Alasandra, The Cats & A DogAlasandra, The Cats & A Dog

A blog about pets & flower gardens.


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These are scenes from our garden. Enjoy.

These are scenes of autumn in our garden.

The giant Amorphophallus titanum plant produces a bud that grows for seven to ten years until it blooms. Read more...More about Halloween, Mashable Video, Flowers, Zoos, and Future Blink...

Dutch photographer Robert Peek has a new series of flower photos where they are are submerged in milky liquids of varying consistency. The result, as shown with the Kniphofia above, is something vaguely familiar, yet haunting. You can find more on...

Kathe Fraga has perfected the elegance of aged French fresco panels with birds and flowers in a modern Chinoiserie style. Also find her on Pinterest.

These are photos of summer and autumn flowers from our garden.

These are the best online flower delivery services to send during the holidays and other occasions.