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A Conservative since 1973 when I learnt that socialism makes the lights go out.

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It seems to me that often the discussion on the energy transition lack quantities and boundaries.So I asked an AI program to tell me how much work I would get out of 100 units of electrical energy, if I used to to generate 'green' hydrogen and then r...

A ping in time

on Oct 5, 2023

 Saves nine.

The Ukraine

on Jan 23, 2022

Well this is all going badly wrong, mostly through miscalculation.Russia certainly has a case for the Crimea and also for Russian leaning provinces in the East.But then Russia played outside of the rules before losing control of the Ukraine, in what...

Well its not going well. Here in the United Kingdom their is despair that a defensable position has been surrendered and friends betrayed in Afghanistan.The United States needs to decide quite quickly if it wants the 'leadership' of Joe Biden and is...

Saigon 2021

on Aug 15, 2021

Well that was 20 years of pain, sacrifice,and lose.Many British and allied service men lost their lives in this cause.The collapse of Afghanistan, once the US Coalition support was removed, has shown these sacrifices were mostly in vain. Worse, looki...

An end to comments

on Apr 30, 2021

I've just had a look over the new Daily Telegraph app.The newspaper like fall is impressive, though I'm not sure I'm looking for that any more.What is noticeable is the end of reader comments.Given the hostility to the Conservative party line which t...

 Well that was nearly very nasty indeed. It has ended being only a little bit nasty.The UK, though better planning and execution, got its vaccine supply chain and manufacturing rolling 3 months before the EU.The EU is in real trouble because it...