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My Portis Wasp says is a mixtape of Photography, Models, Film and TV Reviews, Fiction, Poetry and Interviews... with musicians, actors, writers and photographers. Something for everyone but with its own distinct style and biting commentary.

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Garrett Clayton is photographed by Daniel Doperalski for a new wwd feature promoting his new film King Cobra.See more from Garrett's feature here.

Bella Thorne is photographed by Chloe Aftel for the new issue of Playboy.See more from Bella's frank feature here.

Porn star Ken Rodeo is photographed by Exterface for the new issue of NSFW, the French duo's saucy 52-page zine.

Alexander Skarsgård is photographed by Guy Aroch for the sixteenth issue of Man of the World. Model Ollie Edwards and artist Robert Longo also cover the issue which you can preview here.

Hi David. How are you?I'm more than fabulous. As I currently converse with you I'm outside in the blissful Aussie sun, strolling through the picturesque bushlands. May I politely add, the sun has transformed me into a bronzed God, delicious on the...

Brazilian babe Jhonattan Burjack is the eighteenth model to be photographed by Daniel Jaems for his popular Obsession Series.See more photos from the sensual series here.

It's been a couple of years since I last owned a pair of Nike Air Max, and I think the main reason for that is that a. the Air Max is quite a bulky trainer and b. once I'd ordered a pair of adidas' ZX flux's on a whim a couple of years ago, I got way...