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My Portis Wasp says is a mixtape of Photography, Models, Film and TV Reviews, Fiction, Poetry and Interviews... with musicians, actors, writers and photographers. Something for everyone but with its own distinct style and biting commentary.

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Augusta Alexander is photographed by James Anastasi for the latest issue of Rain.

Agustin Bruno is photographed by Charly V. Real for the latest issue of Desnudo Homme.

A guilty pleasure you can't seem to quit? Sweets and Nutella!What do you stand for? I stand for making other people smile and happy.What superpower would you love to have for 24 hours? If I had a superpower for 24 hours I would be able...

Freddie Pearson by Ira Giorgetti for the latest issue of Vanity Teen.

Pietro Boselli is photographed by Yu Tsai for the latest issue of Flaunt.

Pierre Bouvier is photographed by Francis Gum for LoveSexo.

Vincent Gallo is photographed by Collier Schorr for the latest issue of Another Man.CreditsPhotography by Collier SchorrStyling by Katy EnglandHair by Holli SmithMakeup by Hiromi Ueda...