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My Portis Wasp says is a mixtape of Photography, Models, Film and TV Reviews, Fiction, Poetry and Interviews... with musicians, actors, writers and photographers. Something for everyone but with its own distinct style and biting commentary.

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Lucas Bloms is photographed in a new series by photographer Blake Ballard.

New face Ollie Lister is photographed by Pantelis for Coitus.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?A guilty pleasure that I can’t seem to quit is eating an entire can of cinnamon rolls when i make them, instead of the normal serving size.What superpower would you love to have for 24 hours?A superpower t...

Aurélien Muller is photographed by Ronald Liem for the latest issue of DAMAN.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?I can not/will not ever quit eating donuts.Which superpower would you love to have for 24 hours?I would love to be able to teleport and I would travel to as many countries as I could!Which part of your body...

A guilty pleasure you can't seem to quit?Running on the beach.Which part of your body receives the most compliments from strangers?My abdômen. Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality and why?Açaí because is very good for th...

Carson Aldridge is photographed by Blake Ballard for the latest issue of Desnudo.