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Today’s German capital, Berlin, was the Capital of Spies in the Cold War. The situation of the divided city, which developed after WW2, was unique. The historical heritage provided for excit­ing tours through the city, but many places said that Be...

From "Match Point" to "7 Days In Hell," here are some other tennis films you should watch if you were a fan of "Challengers."...

During a reunion, the child stars of "Mrs Doubtfire" shared touching behind-the-scenes stories about their late costar, Robin Williams.

In the next three minutes, prepare to witness a man, machine, and their unlikely ballet. The plot of this short film follows a man, after finishing up his day's work, catching sight of a 22-ton John Deere excavator and then instead of walking away, h...

One of the most memorable moments from the new movie appears to have been a late addition to the storyline.

Yoram Gross (1926–2015) was born in Krakow Poland, to a Jewish family. He lived during WW2 under the Nazis, with his family on Oskar Sch­in­d­ler’s list of humans rescued from slaughter in 1944, but the Grosses survived by moving hiding places...

Netflix's new film chief, Dan Lin, is refocusing the company from big-budget swings to a wider variety of films, according to The New York Times.