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on Jan 16, 2023


6 matchboxes

on Nov 27, 2021


on Apr 11, 2021

  'You can change your sky, not your soul, rushing across the sea'.


on Apr 7, 2021


letter of absence

on Jan 12, 2021

15 x 15 cm, collage, print, stampsOk, I'm back. The one I loved and love passed away almost 2 years ago. This "letter" was in my unpublished list for so long. Maybe now it's the right time to post it. For her.Mail-art at The three Muses...


on Mar 19, 2019

For the  TAW challenge  this week: spring.My spring collage is from longer ago. It still hangson the wall in my living room. So I'll show it again.


on Mar 5, 2019

For the  3 muses  challenge: trees.Collage with some digital edits, 12,5 x 12,5 cm.