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cerulean, an undaily visual journal

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ac 205 - tropics

on Feb 18, 2017

Some digital cutouts from previous pieces about the desert. And I played with the monstera leaves. So: tropics.To see more tropics: please visit Ariane's site here...

daily notes

on Feb 8, 2017


ac 204 - pillow

on Feb 4, 2017

Tom Waits:"Anywhere I Lay My Head"            To see more "pillows" please visit Stefanie's site here                             ...

I'm pleased to announce that one of my works is used for theflyer and poster of vocal ensemble  "Puisque tout Passe"...

daily note - life

on Jan 29, 2017

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwardsSoren Kierkegaard...

ac 203 - sticks

on Jan 27, 2017

              "talking stick", front and back, +/- 3 x 50 cm, collage and mono-print on wood.  More about the "talking stick" you'll find here  More "sticks" on Tammie's site here  &nbs...

daily notes - ac 202

on Jan 22, 2017

"Daily (collage) notes" from last week.I mostly don't make sketches and usually work towards a final result.So this ac was really a challenge.Here's the result: every day two (rather quick) collage sketches in a small notebook.You know my subjects:)...