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on Nov 29, 2017

For  the 3 muses challenge this week: bingo.Honestly: I never play bingo.But I found out that there is even art bingo.Thus inspired, I came to the above bingo card,where I've used a mosaic from earlier work.

printed word

on Nov 21, 2017

For the 3 muses challenge  this week: printed word:  "give me a word"...


on Nov 20, 2017

For the  TAW challenge  this week: statue - "Zeus"...

shades of blue

on Nov 12, 2017

For the  TAW challenge  this week: shades of blue. ...

shadow box

on Nov 8, 2017

For the  three muses challenge  this week: shadow box."Resting flags", 20 x 20 cm.


on Nov 6, 2017

For the   TAW challenge  this week: friendsCollage, monoprint, digitally edited.


on Nov 1, 2017

For the  three muses challenge this week: time."Sandglass", monoprint and collage, 15 x 25 cm.