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Illustration, design, family, life - this blog follows the isnpiration behi...


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Mixed media art blog where iI share my current work and techniques


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Sarah Jarrett beautifully eccentric. You should go to her website, she has so. many treasures there. Her Instagram. Her still lifes are lovely as well.

Collage fonts are the perfect choice for projects that require a vibrant and are expressive, dynamic, and full of character. See the best collage fonts here!

Last.fm collages let you easily show off your music tastes to anyone by giving you a picture that holds all your favorite music.

Andrea D'Aquino...

There are numerous apps you can use to make a collage on your iPhone by combining multiple photos. Here are two of the best.

Top Product: Polaroid Hi-Print | $134 | Amazon

Lewis Del Mar has released a video for "TV" that feels like a zoetrope of collaged art. It's a follow-up to "The Ceiling," which visually feels like a variation on the theme. Image: YouTube / Lewis Del Mar...