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Shadrach the Neo Mastiff blogs about aromatherapy for dogs

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Dogs can be great to have around the house, I think we all know that. But what is the usual and predictable item that we can use to predict a dog’s behavior? You guessed it, food. Your dog has a very strong relationship to food. And thus a very...

If your family is like mine, everyone gets a present from the dog. And the dog gets a present too. But the funny thing is that we wonder if the dog has any idea what’s happening. Chances are she’s usually just more excited about eating so...

Welcome back to A Dog’s View! Our blog is back on and we’ve got some extra treats for you 🙂 As I share today on the essential oil blends I am using to assist our new dog, King, keep in Read More ...

Stretching into Trust

on Mar 31, 2016 in: dogs, energy

Going into my “Animal Girl” mode in this post to share with you some beautiful insights that our dogs can show us in their unique ways if we’ll but pay attention and allow them to do just that. This time we are stretching into trust...

Recently I released a new course on using aromatherapy and essential oils with our SCENTSable canines – they are SO reBARKable after all! Here are some interesting facts about this new course, ReBARKably SCENT-Able Canine for you to PAWnder: 1.

Sit Really Does Mean SIT

on Mar 3, 2016 in: dogs

Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a remarkable young woman by the name of Bre Altherr. She and her husband Chris, own and operate the North Indy Sit Means Sit franchise. When they say sit really does mean sit ...

Worthy of the Truth

on Feb 16, 2016 in: dogs

While this is a “mixed bag” (at least it’s not a bag of kibble!) blog post, I felt it needed to be so the message would be REALLY heard because it is about how worthy of the truth are our dogs. Let me start out with my short and goo...