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Jeffrey and Flora: Living in SingaporeJeffrey and Flora: Living in Singapore

We are a young couple from California living in Singapore with our two dogs...

A Dog's ViewA Dog's View

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff blogs about aromatherapy for dogs

Wag Bark LoveWag Bark Love

Dogs as friends, family and muse.

Max the Golden RetrieverMax the Golden Retriever

See the world thru the eyes of a golden retriever. Also, see what Keep On ...

Simply ColSimply Col

the sweet, simple moments of life

Alasandra, The Cats & A DogAlasandra, The Cats & A Dog

A blog about pets & flower gardens.

Bark N BlogBark N Blog

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff barks and blogs about natural dog care and welfare...


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Maymo the dog's spooky new playmate is the large plastic skeleton creeping around his living room.  Though Maymo is initially skeptical, the friendship they form over the course of this video is nothing short of delightful. Innovative dad creat...

Westeros has had a little trouble finding a good ruler, so we'd like to make a suggestion. Buford the bulldog, perched atop his dog-friendly throne, graced attendees at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade in New York on Saturday. SEE ALSO:...

It’s a common myth that a dog’s mouth is actually cleaner than a human’s, but it is, unfortunately, just a myth (depending on the company of humans you keep, perhaps). It turns out that a typical dog’s mouth and tongue are hosts to a wide ran...

Large dog surfing

By Boing Boing on Oct 21, 2016 in: Video, dogs

You can really see the dogs adjusting their balance and controlling the boards! Haole and Hanzo are both awesome!

We think this chow chow has grown so big because his mom never lets him walk. She just carries him like this all day because she can’t let go. The post OMG, how cute: Chubbiest chow chow ever appeared first on !! omg blog !! [the original, sinc...

Wondering what to get your loved one this holiday season?

Filed under: Etc.,Humor,Ownership,Videos,Weird Car News,Toyota,Auto Repair A Turkish mechanic got a nasty surprise earlier this month when he discovered that wild dogs had vandalized his car.Continue reading Pack of feral dogs disma...