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Busy people who rely on fast food joints may worry that they are unwittingly eating ultra-processed foods. Here's what a dietitian would order at Chipotle.

The average American gets more than 60% of their calories from UPFs. A dietitian shared how she cuts back while enjoying convenient, tasty lunches.

A bride was tired of dieting, so she quit watching her food ahead of her wedding. Instead, she chose a dress and makeup that made her feel beautiful.

A dietitian follows the 80/20 rule to help her avoid ultra-processed foods. Her favorite easy, healthy breakfasts include overnight oats.

Cutting out as few as 10 slices of bacon per week could help prevent thousands of cases of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, a new study predicts.

It’s been years that we’ve been living with COVID-19 and it looks like we missed the window to fully eradicate it, which means we need to adapt our lifestyles to ensure that rates of transmission are as low as possible. Of course, the obv...

A doctor and longevity CEO shared how he eats to live healthily for as long as possible, including fasting for 12 hours a day.