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on Jul 18, 2021

When I was very young, a way more experienced programmer told me that for incoming feeds, basically any ‘imports’, they must always be ‘idempotent’. In the sense that he meant it, if you have some code to import a collection of data, say...

Time Consuming

on Jul 11, 2021

For most development projects, most of the time to build them ends up in just two places:Arranging and wiring up widgets for the screensPulling a reliable window of persistent data into the runtimeThe third most expensive place is usually ETL code to...


on Jul 4, 2021

For me, when I am coding for a big system, my priorities are pretty simple:ReadabilityReusabilityResourcesIt’s easy to see why this helps to produce better quality for any system.Readability At some point, since the ground is always shifting f...


on Jun 24, 2021

The point of management is to take a group of people and get something done.The difficulty of management is that you can’t just do it yourself. You might know how to do it, you might only have a vague idea, or you might even be entirely clueless. B...


on Jun 13, 2021

In software development, ‘friction’ is any and everything that keeps you from moving swiftly to getting your work ‘fully completed’. It’s worth understanding that the job is not done until it’s out there, being used smoothly by a bunch of...

Data Flow

on Jun 6, 2021

I like to write this post every few years. People generally skim over it, and then ignore what I am saying. So I’ll probably end up writing it a few dozen more times, then give up completely.There is one major trick to keeping everything sane while...

 The first thing to do is admit that it went wrong.The next thing is to figure out what should have happened instead.With the two outcomes, there will be a bunch of points in time where things deviated from the desired path. Find all of them, li...