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In depth discussions of programming and software development issues.

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on Sep 17, 2017

We can model large endeavors as a series of decisions. Ultimately, their success relies on getting work completed, but the underlying effort cannot even be started until all of the preceding decisions are made. The work can be physical or it can be i...

Some Rules

on Sep 10, 2017

Big projects can be confusing and people rarely have little time or energy to think deeply about their full intertwined complexity. Not thinking enough is often the start of serious problems. Programmers would prefer to concentrate on one area at a t...

Data Modeling

on Sep 4, 2017

The core of most software systems is the collection of data. This data is rarely independent; there are many inter-relationships and outward associations with the real world. Some of these interconnections form the underlying structure of the data.If...

Code is a manifestation of understanding. A programmer gradually builds up programming instructions based solely around the knowledge they have acquired. If they don’t know or understand something, it is unlikely that the runtime behavior of their...

Stores of Value

on Jun 3, 2017

Lately, I’ve been asked several times about what I think is the underlying value of cryptocurrencies. With their increased popularity, it is a rather pressing question. Although I am not an economist, or a financial engineer, or even particularly k...


on Mar 14, 2017

The primary goal of software is to be useful. In order to do that, someone with a problem needs to use it to build up a ‘context’ and then execute some functionality. This context can be seen as all of the inputs necessary for their computation,...

Partial Knowledge

on Dec 6, 2016

We live in an amazing time. Collectively our species knows more about the world around us than any one individual could ever learn in their lifetime. Some of that knowledge is the underlying natural complexity of our physical existence. Some of it is...