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In depth discussions of programming and software development issues.

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on Dec 9, 2017

Computers aren’t smart, but they are great at remembering things and can be both quick and precise. Those qualities can be quite helpful in a fast-paced modern world. What we’d like is for the computer to take care of our problems, while deferrin...

Bombproof Data Entry

on Nov 19, 2017

The title of this post is from a magazine article that I barely remember reading back in the mid-80s. Although I’ve forgotten much of what it said, its underlying points have stuck with me all of these decades.We can think of any program as having...


on Oct 28, 2017

A big part of programming culture is the illusion of freedom. We pride ourselves on how we can tackle modern problems by creatively building new and innovative stuff. When we build for other programmers, we offer a mass of possible options because we...

Efficiency and Quality

on Oct 15, 2017

The strongest process for building software would be to focus on getting the job done efficiently while trying to maximize the quality of the software.The two objectives are not independent, although it is easy to miss their connection. In its simple...

Rainy Days

on Oct 1, 2017

When first we practice to code, we do, of course, worry most about branching between different instructions and repeating similar blocks of work over and over again.In time, we move on to longer and more complex manipulations.Once those start to buil...


on Sep 17, 2017

We can model large endeavors as a series of decisions. Ultimately, their success relies on getting work completed, but the underlying effort cannot even be started until all of the preceding decisions are made. The work can be physical or it can be i...

Some Rules

on Sep 10, 2017

Big projects can be confusing and people rarely have little time or energy to think deeply about their full intertwined complexity. Not thinking enough is often the start of serious problems. Programmers would prefer to concentrate on one area at a t...