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Thoughts on technology and other topics from a photographer and IT guru, as well as travel photographs and videos from beautiful locations around the world.

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on Oct 11, 2021 in: depression, people, videos

My thoughts on this subject.

What if we do the work to find out our one true self, our one true face, and strive to be that all the time?

An intro to the construction of reality and an invitation to change it for the better.

It’s summertime. Our garden is resplendent with flowers, thanks to my wife’s efforts. Enjoy! If you should like to license an image of mine, I’ve begun to build a catalog at Picfair. You can see it here: photos.raoulpop.com. Of cour...

In a continuation of my previous video in this series, I offer a possible explanation for why the world is as it is, and talk about what we can do in order to cope with it.

It’s getting close to finals time here in this cycle of the school of life. Let’s talk about some possibilities.

A lot of people are talking about a great shift that’s coming to our planet and to the human race, a shift of ascension where systems will change and humans will gain sovereignty. That’s all well and good and I hope it will happen. Howeve...