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Thoughts on technology and other topics from a photographer and IT guru, as well as travel photographs and videos from beautiful locations around the world.

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Today’s images

on Sep 14, 2019 in: flowers, garden, home, photos

The theme is flowers. The place is our garden. Enjoy!

Today’s images

on Sep 5, 2019 in: photos

All of these photographs are over 12 years old and the theme is mostly Manhattan. Enjoy!

An evening party

on Sep 1, 2019 in: Events, photos

These are photographs taken at a recent evening party held by Christian Rummel at his place in Reichesdorf (Richis) here in Transilvania. Christian worked his way up from apprentice to craftsman and journeyman and is now a master carpenter working ou...

Today’s images

on Aug 28, 2019 in: photos

The theme for today is: coffee. Enjoy!

Today’s images

on Aug 27, 2019

These are taken this year. The theme is “shades of yellow”. Enjoy!

Today’s images

on Aug 26, 2019 in: photos

Five from the past and five from the present. Enjoy!

Today’s images

on Aug 25, 2019 in: photos

This post may be the first in a series of daily image galleries published here on my site. They’re going to be either recent images or early ones, culled from my archives, though they’re more likely to be recent ones. The name of the seri...