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Thoughts on technology and other topics from a photographer and IT guru, as well as travel photographs and videos from beautiful locations around the world.

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Rather than expound on these subjects in detail, because there’s a tremendous amount that can be said, I’d like to point out a few things and let you think about them. The current demonstrations against police brutality in various countri...

The theme is spring blossoms. Enjoy!

The quarantine period, while financially problematic, was a welcome respite for a world too numerous and too burdensome to bear; it was a world so caught up with itself that it practically screamed out for an intervention. Cities were cleaner and qui...

I thought I’d make a video about this historically significant period in our lives, one which deals with how I’m spending my time, with the importance of appreciating and enjoying one’s time alone and at home, and with using this fr...

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on Apr 20, 2020 in: flowers, garden, home, photos

The theme is spring and its beautiful blossoms. Enjoy!

We were treated to a second spring snowfall a few days ago. I love snowfalls in the spring. A cold wave can be unwelcome after spring has set in, but you know it’s not going to last, and if a snowfall is in the works, then it’s going to b...

Amidst all of the scary news reports and shelter-in-place rules everywhere, there are good things going on, caused by the very same situation. I thought I’d list several of them here: We’ve all slowed down or stopped our activities and ar...