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In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I think it's a good time to recommend some apps for your smartphone that you should have before you need them in an emergency.

Kodi doesn't just have to worry about add-ons and devices that give it a reputation as a piracy haven. The media center app developer has revealed that it's battling "trademark trolls" who've registered the Kodi name as their...

Computer algorithms developed by engineering researchers at the University of Waterloo can accurately determine when drivers are texting or engaged in other distracting activities.

Fujitsu Laboratories today announced that it has expanded its Creative Digital Space User-Interface (UI) technology, developed in 2015, which turns entire rooms into digital space, and has developed technology that smooths co-creation activities acro...

Fizzing with boyish exuberance, Saudi programmer Zainalabdin Tawfiq could be mistaken for a college freshman, but the popularity of his "honesty" app has shone a spotlight on the conservative kingdom's nascent tech scene.

Microsoft on Friday announced that a major update to its Windows operating system will be released globally on October 17.

 Twitter bots – robots that interact with humans – have a long history. The Twitter API is fairly easy to use (I made a bot that plays Zork with a friend two years ago) and there is little protection against creating new accounts aut...