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This chart reflects the daily results of Trump's job approval numbers. It is from the YouGov Poll, and was done daily between September 8th and 14th of a national sample of 1,000 adults. The margin of error is 3.7 points.As you can see, Trump's appro...

Picking On Donnie

on Sep 14, 2018

Political Cartoon is by Clay Jones at

The Decline Of Unions

on Sep 14, 2018



Hurricane Trump

on Sep 14, 2018

Political Cartoon is by Nate Beeler in The Columbus Dispatch.

The woman pictured is Dallas police officer Amber Guyger. A few days ago, she entered an apartment that was not hers (without permission or a warrant) and killed the innocent occupant (a Black man).Since then, there has seemed to be a concerted effor...

Thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, groups may spend an unlimited amount on political campaigns. And those groups don't have to reveal where they get the money they spend. That money spent without revealing the donors is called "dar...