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(Cartoon image is by Gary Huck at assuming office, Donald Trump bragged that he would come up with a plan that would solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He put his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charg...

I consider myself a progressive Democrat, and frankly I like many of the ideas put forward by Senator Bernie Sanders. But I do not support the Sanders candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.Why? Because the most important thing for the...

No Witness?

on Jan 28, 2020

Political Cartoon is by Tom Toles in The Washington Post.


The Morning Consult Poll questions about 5,000 respondents each day. The chart above shows the favorability of candidate Bernie Sanders from December 30th through January 26th. It includes 17,836 Democratic primary voters, with a 1 point margin of er...


on Jan 28, 2020

Political Cartoon is by Mike Smith in the Las Vegas Sun.

The Denial

on Jan 28, 2020

Political Cartoon is by Ed Hall at