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The biggest lie Republicans tell about their tax reform plan is that it will help American workers (because corporations will raise worker wages and create new jobs). That has never been true of tax cuts in the past, and it is not true of the propose...

The Big Giveaway

on Dec 11, 2017

Political Cartoon is by Adam Zyglis in The Buffalo News.

Many decent Republicans in Alabama have a dilemma facing them today. They are die-hard Republicans, who have never voted for a Democrat and cannot bring themselves to do so -- but they have a pedophile (who doesn't believe in the Constitution) runnin...

Donald Trump and his Republican congressional cohorts have repeatedly claimed their tax reform bill would benefit the middle class the most, and would not benefit the wealthy. It's a lie, and the American people know that. About 64% say it benefits t...


on Dec 11, 2017

Political Cartoon is by Stuart Carlson at

On The Taxpayer's Tab

on Dec 11, 2017

Political Cartoon is by Rick McKee in The Augusta Chronicle.

This is both amazing and shocking to me. And it shows just how far the Republican Party has moved from reality. We have seen President Obama's birth certificate (both short and long forms), read the newspaper announcement of his birth, and had Hawaii...