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Moving! - New Blog

on May 18, 2014

I started a new blog at Wordpress: HERE Some of my posts might be copied/reworked to my new address, but I aim to focus much more on cinema & TV through sociological lenses. I will no longer update Blunt & Disorderly.

After Osborne scapegoating benefit claimants in his budget, today is the turn of Jeremy Hunt, who tackled that mythical beast of benefit tourism (see FT letter Which bit of the hyppocratic oath doesn't he get? Doctors cann...

Immigration Maths

on Jun 5, 2013 in: music

Hollie McNish does the maths for you rapping. Just listen. Her website:

Here are links with research on immigration: Immigration & (unlikely) pressure on health service in UK & Germany: The game changer? Immigration & the media:...

I have always liked the Financial Times, so as an assiduous and faithful reader, I got quite a shock when I read yesterday's crap editorial supporting the Government's standoff with the European Commission. The FT seems to believe in that mythical...

The opposition to same-sex marriage in France has turned ugly leaving 36 wounded after yesterday’s demonstration. It is worth reflecting on ‘marriage’ from a legal, social, and religious perspective in France and in Britain. At the core of the...

I finally left the Liberal Democrats a few weeks ago, after Nick Clegg’s anti-immigration stance. This has really crossed the line for me.  I was supportive of the coalition in the first year and thought that many of the initial policies demon...