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Lis Smith said it would be a "lot healthier for our body politics" to back young politicians who can appeal "to people across the political spectrum."...

"I am going to give the best of me to rise to this tremendous challenge," Boric said. "I will be the president of all Chileans."...

 The charts above reflect what the Pew Research Center found in a survey of who watches certain media site. It turns out, according to the survey, about 25% of Republicans tune in only to right-wing media outlets (like Fox News or talk radi...

Control. The post Kamala Harris Sure Sounds Like She Wants to Be a Dictator appeared first on RedState.

I can't imagine why they are having financial trouble. The post Snopes Reports on Andy Ngo Assault, Shows Why Their Site Is a Dumpster Fire appeared first on RedState.

This is coming for everyone. The post GOP Representative Dis-Invited From Speaking at Cyber Security Conference Over Unrelated Pro-Life Views appeared first on RedState.

Makes sense. The post College With $887M Endowment Poor-Mouths That $33M Settlement for Misconduct Will Hurt Students appeared first on RedState.