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I’ve been rather quiet for a few months. That’s because I’ve been working for a large investment bank in Canary Wharf. It’s no so much that the work takes up more of my time than other contracts I’ve had, but more that the incredibly restri...


on Sep 25, 2016

During the week, Barbie sent out the results from the feedback survey that he ran after YAPC Europe. The general results will be published later, but all of the speakers will have received an email containing the feedback from their talks. That feedb...

YAPC Europe 2016

on Sep 3, 2016

I’ve been back from Cluj-Napoca for almost a week, so I should really write down what I remember about YAPC Europe before it’s all forgotten. Day -1 I arrived in Cluj-Napoca on Sunday evening and got to my hotel quickly. There was just time for a...


on Aug 26, 2016

Yesterday at YAPC Europe I gave a talk called “Error(s) Free Programming”. The slides are below, but it might make more sense once the video is online. Error(s) Free Programming from Dave Cross The talk is about Damian Conway’s module Lingua::E...

Cultured Perl

on Aug 25, 2016 in: Community, blogging

Back in about 2008, I set up a group blog called “Cultured Perl”. The idea was to have a blog that concentrated on the Perl community rather than the technical aspects that most Perl bloggers write about most of the time. It didn’t last very lo...

Intended Audience

on Jul 31, 2016 in: Training, training, web

I thought I’d pretty much finished blogging about my upcoming Modern Web Development with Perl and Dancer training course. But a couple of days ago I saw a tweet that reminded me about an aspect that I’d completely forgotten. @perlhacks could you...

Here are some more details of the Modern Web Development with Perl and Dancer2 course that I’ll be running in Cluj-Napoca on the day before YAPC Europe. The course runs a full day (that’s six hours – in four 90-minute sessions with breaks in b...