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Re-cycling news and entertainment on arts, science & technology. An eclectic mashup of 'stuff' that might be mainstream, might be mischievous or even miraculous. Particular focus and interest on cyberfeminism.

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"Simple Luv" by Oscar Key Sung

Just discovered Teddy Swims, aka Jaten Dimsdale, from Atlanta, GA. WOW, incredible!

Choreography by: Nick DeMoura Dancers: Mykell Wilson, Taylor Thomas, Nataly Santiago, Masa Ishihara, Deanna Jenkins, Mona Berntsen, Jonathan Rabon, Julien Chinchilla, Johnny “J Blaze” Erasme, Yusuke Nakai, José (Keebz) Chapa, Luis Rosado...

I don’t want to be alone tonight It’s pretty clear that I’m not over you I’m still thinking ‘bout the things you do So I don’t want to be alone tonight Can you light the fire I need somebody who can take control I know exactly wha...

Taken from the 2017 writingsofafuriouswoman Original words, Camille performed by Cynthia Nixon...

From the album 'Miss Anthropocene'. Directed + Edited by: Grimes Starring: Grimes & Janelle Monáe. Produced by: Route Eleven...

SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT EXPLAINED in simple terms and how this increases our understanding of the super position principle in Quantum Mechanics.