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Re-cycling news and entertainment on arts, science & technology. An eclectic mashup of 'stuff' that might be mainstream, might be mischievous or even miraculous. Particular focus and interest on cyberfeminism.

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Jonquel Norwood is a lifestyle and beauty illustrator whose work emphasizes plus size fashion. She has also created beautiful textiles for Bene scarf collection and that same collection appeared in Upscale magazine. In 2015 she designed the cover of...

#DelicateDuplicates Open Beta, is a digital fiction project by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. Mez and Andy developed this surreal and immersive new media short story working across continents and time zones. It incorporates some of Chris Joseph's most...

Marion Peck is known for her work in Pop surrealism, and has exhibited her work in Paris, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Her work has also been used for album covers, such as Waking the Mystics by Portland art rock group Sop...

ZION is the culmination of nearly a month spent exploring Zion National Park during peak fall color. Exquisitely carved by the Virgin River over millions of years, Zion Canyon is one of the most stunning places on earth.

What the word needs now is FUN....

Hackblossom cultivating radical inclusivity + autonomy in digital spaces for the well-being of marginalized tech users. The DIY guide to cybersecurity is extremely useful and super necessary more so now than ever!

The official launch of the brand new Otto and Astrid Web Series TV Show! The LAUNCH PARTY is in Melbourne, Australia. NOV 16, 2016. The Gasometer Hotel 484 Smith St, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.