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daysgoby is a blog detailing my life in Canada after I moved here from the States. It used to be just me - now it's a husband, two kids, three cats and a dog. Wow. What have I done?

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I'm having a visitor this summer! Dad is coming up!He had a suggestion "Maybe Casbah could get his passport, fly down, and drive [with Dad] back up to Nova Scotia?" Casbah loved the idea. ESPECIALLY when he found out Dad was bringing the MGB.So!

crick in my neck

on Aug 14, 2023

 I spent the whole weekend looking up!Saturday evening was spent at the beach (Nova S has gorgeous beaches, both inland and Atlantic-Ocean-side) staring at the skies with a really nice group of people, looking for shooting stars. The company was...

 Anyone ever get a weird vibe about what might have been?  I was browsing through some of my Facebook feed and  spotted some (not mine) reunion pictures - and I went to bed thinking "what if..."What if I'd married the serious boyfriend...

No, seriously

on Jul 28, 2023

 Uncle.First this summer we had a cold snap, then huge roaring forest fires in several areas of the province, and last week we had flooding.I'm afraid to ask when the locusts are going to arrive.Today: the sun is out, bicyclists are whizzing pas...

Plugging away

on Jul 18, 2023

'Start as you mean to go on' - it's one of the best pieces of advice my mother ever gave me, and simultaneously one of the hardest to fulfill. I mean, doesn't everyone want a day off from responsibilities sometimes? Still, it's great counsel. And...

Canada Day, hoo-ra!

on Jul 1, 2023

Say hey for a three-day weekend! Especially one where everyone barbecues and has long, lazy mornings. I'm on my third cup of coffee, and feeling fine. Enough of my house-chores are done so now i can curl up and read, or even (heaven!) think about tak...


on Jun 19, 2023

I keep trying to restart this, and fading out. It's disappointing, because I love this space and all the voices that have piped up with me along the way. I need to do better! I'm at work this morning, grabbing a few minutes to drink coffee (heavily,...