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daysgoby is a blog detailing my life in Canada after I moved here from the States. It used to be just me - now it's a husband, two kids, three cats and a dog. Wow. What have I done?

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Crowded house

on Nov 4, 2015

There are multitudes in my head tonight. I really have to start journaling or at least jotting things down, because the characters in my head are getting louder - and now they're all having conversations with each other, and things are getting muddle...


on Sep 9, 2015

I have Got to start writing again in this space. I had a dream last night that I came here and it was gone -swept away like so much blog-dust.  And that would be sad.


Beneath the waves

on Sep 22, 2013

Porter caught me to him as soon as the door closed behind her, and I went, shuddering, into his arms.  "That was terrible, Katie. Are you okay?" I took a deep breath of his scent, searching my heart. Was I okay? Sad, yes. Heartbroken for how...

Mama's jacket

on Jun 23, 2013

There was a hush, then the guys leaned forward, reinvested in the conversation and focused in on my unhappy aunt. "Well?" She let out a furious huff of breath. "Katherine, I have been over and over this - why do I have to tell you this again? I - "...

ripples of memory

on Apr 2, 2013

Her chin came up and she looked like her old fierce self. "I searched all over. Usually she just stalked the paths near the house, but that night I ran all the way down to the lower garden before I saw her." I didn't dare move. Or breathe. Maud drew...

out in the moonlight

on Apr 1, 2013

Maud's face was taut with rage. "Katherine Alice. How could you sit here and listen this nonsense! I loved your mother." I goggled at her. "Maud? Why are you here?" She snorted, delicately, and stepped into the seat Clay scrambled to offer.