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daysgoby is a blog detailing my life in Canada after I moved here from the States. It used to be just me - now it's a husband, two kids, three cats and a dog. Wow. What have I done?

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Lolling in bed on the last day of a three-day-weekend, I have things to do but the bed! She whispers sweetly about naps and reading and no, I must be strong and GET UP, for I've things to do, work keys to find, and a walk to take. Catch you later.

Holy hell, is this thing on? (Taps mic)Well. In the latest round of The Song Remains The Same, I've left two jobs I very much liked and gone to one full time (full-time!!)  gig that, it's hard to describe how I feel about it. It's a fas...

Crowded house

on Nov 4, 2015

There are multitudes in my head tonight. I really have to start journaling or at least jotting things down, because the characters in my head are getting louder - and now they're all having conversations with each other, and things are getting muddle...


on Sep 9, 2015

I have Got to start writing again in this space. I had a dream last night that I came here and it was gone -swept away like so much blog-dust.  And that would be sad.


Beneath the waves

on Sep 22, 2013

Porter caught me to him as soon as the door closed behind her, and I went, shuddering, into his arms.  "That was terrible, Katie. Are you okay?" I took a deep breath of his scent, searching my heart. Was I okay? Sad, yes. Heartbroken for how...

Mama's jacket

on Jun 23, 2013

There was a hush, then the guys leaned forward, reinvested in the conversation and focused in on my unhappy aunt. "Well?" She let out a furious huff of breath. "Katherine, I have been over and over this - why do I have to tell you this again? I - "...