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Mark WadsworthMark Wadsworth

Economics and cow attacks.


Personal blog of Richard Edmonds, some fantastic posts covering all topics ...

Ramblings of a Freelance WriterRamblings of a Freelance Writer

A Pom in Perth. Freelance writer. Full-time mum. Part-time blogger. Exhaust...

Piquant HumourPiquant Humour

Piquant Humour

No wriggling out of writing womanNo wriggling out of writing woman

I am a 40 something wife and mother of two teenagers 4 years ago I was dia...

take it to the chorustake it to the chorus

Sifting through the agonies and ecstacies of the music we call pop.

Caffeinated TravellerCaffeinated Traveller

Travels, tales and caffeine, this blog shares with readers insights into pl...


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Voices in my head

By Mark Wadsworth on May 17, 2019 in: Humour

TV advert: "Adopt a snow leopard to save the species from extinction."Voice: "What's the point? It's going to know straight away I'm not it's real Dad."...

... I'm "staying carbohydrated".

Boss: You forgot to submit the tax return on time and the client has received a £100 late filing penalty!Me: Hmm... a coincidence? I think not.

Voice 1: Those stripes make you look fat.Voice 2: Jesus Christ, I'm not even wearing stripes!