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I'm a Las Vegas housewife transplanted to Philadelphia.

I'm also a mom, a foodie and a writer.

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I almost didn't feel the need share this crazy story of mine but, in the midst of my fury and feelings of total helplessness from this week's news, I'm trying to remember the positive things in my life; the things I actually can do to make a differen...

Mama Chemistry

on Apr 15, 2016

Hi bitches. I'm back.It's been a long journey since I moved back to CO - obviously I've been slacking on the blog: according to my header I'm still in Philly.I've been wanting to get back to writing because, gawd, I love it. That said, I've had this...

Chicken Boobs

on Jan 5, 2015 in: Family

My daughter (who will be nine in less than two weeks...OMG), recently discovered my blog.  She was mildly happy that she was featured in some of the blogs, so now she's been asking to "write" a few posts about funny instances our family has had.


on Nov 19, 2014

I consider a woman extremely lucky if she has friends. I'm not talking about the small-talk friends that say hello to you at the bus stop or invite your kid over for a playdate (although those are nice, too!). I'm talking about the good friends; the...

The Lezbaru

on Nov 6, 2014

So, when we moved back to Colorado, The Hubs decided he wanted a new car.  We discussed our options in great detail about what we should get.He decided on a Subaru BRX and I agreed; a sports car it is.  OK, you've earned it, babe.  And...

Butt Soap

on Oct 20, 2014 in: Family

Like most housewives, I do the weekly grocery shopping.  I LOATHE grocery shopping but, hey, my people have to eat, right?  As my kids have gotten older, the bill has gotten higher and higher...mostly because they never.stop.eating.  I...

After 11 years of waiting, I can now say...I'm home.  I'm sorry I've been away from blogging, but moving across the country and attempting to support my family through the transition hasn't been an easy task.  Especially since this move was...