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Part research institute, part support group for those who, like me, enjoy the best and worst of sci-fi. Come over for views and reviews of sci-fi film, TV, books as well as news of my (mis)adventures in CGI and amateur filmmaking

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CONTAINS HUMAN-GENERATED CONTENTI've continued to watch the development of freely available Artificial Intelligence over the past few months, as well as experimenting with image generators and ChatGPT, and I'm also aware of the many controversies aro...

 Billy Joel's She's Always A Woman, performed on LV4.

 Leave A Light On - romantic but environmentally irresponsible song by Belinda Carlisle, performed on Open Theremin V4.

 Together In Electric Dreams (Moroder/Oakley) performed on LV4 theremin with Fender Hammertone Metal. Great song from the great soundtrack of a terrible movie, although one that might prove prophetic in these final pre-Singularity days. I'm not...

  All At Once (Whitney Houston) written by Masser/Osborne.Performed on Lost Volts LV4 analogue theremin.

 CONTAINS AI-GENERATED CONTENT**Episode 1: "The Heist"** Zoe receives a job offer from an old war buddy to steal a valuable artifact from a heavily fortified museum. However, when their plans are foiled by unexpected security measures, Zoe must...

I’ve been playing digital theremins, Open Theremin V3 and V4, for the past few years, but I’ve just taken delivery of my first analogue theremin, a Lost Volts LV4. I’ll post some videos soon. Initial impression: easy to set up and play, a lovel...