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The making of a new unusual live homemade music video every week.

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My thoughts and journey on film making, social media and the church. Making...


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With the emergence of awesomely inexpensive production technology, making a movie is getting easier. This is the future of filmmaking.

In this article, we explore mobile filmmaking and how you can make short films on your smart device. Read this article to learn more.

If you ever feel stuck in filmmaking, this article for you. You will discover simple life hacks so you can achieve your filmmaking goals fast!

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French director Michel Gondry is well known for his many innovative approaches to shooting film and music videos, but none may be more disruptive than his recent decision to shoot a short film using an iPhone 7.  SEE ALSO: Does the OnePlus 5 hav...

If getting a name attached to your movie is difficult, you'll need to emphasize your hook. And if you're lucky, your hook will be memorable. Do you have any controversy in your story?

“Where is the murder?” Complicated emotions arise when you hear one of the most infamously polarizing directors of a generation is making a big budget horror movie with the exact same title as your micro indie rom-com. Our movie is called S...