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By now you've heard of crowdfunding. But the little secret that nobody is talking about is this - Not all movie projects will get fully funded by the crowd. BUT. . .

Evan McMullin and his running mate, Mindy Finn continue to make waves at breakneck speed across the nation. The post Mindy Finn Rocks the House During a Campaign Event In Denver for Evan McMullin appeared first on RedState.

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As Johnson falls, another 3rd party candidate is making waves...The post As Gary Johnson Falters In the Polls, Evan McMullin Rises appeared first on RedState.

Some of my independent filmmaker friends consider indie film to be sacred and they avoid the studios like the plague. Other friends think studio movies are the ONLY movies that count. And they discount indies as a passing fad or a calling card to sim...

In an election of some of the most disliked people politics can offer, McMullin and Finn are the breath of fresh air people have been gasping for. The post BREAKING: Evan McMullin Chooses “Tech Titan” Mindy Finn As His Running Mate appear...

He's not a Republican, but he might be the last Republican running for office. The post For the Right, Evan McMullin Might Be the Last Valid Candidate Running for President appeared first on RedState.