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Kristen Twedt freelances for magazines and blogs for fun. A former newspaper columnist, she writes stories that are generally safe for the office and tend toward the sentimental or silly, but never the political.

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On a momentous August morning after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, my husband Steve made his way to the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 49 in Gulfport, MS with a bunch of other stunned Mississippi Department of Transportation folks to survey...

My dad in his garden in front of The Back Forty.Grinding gears and dodging the ditch that cut a hundred feet or so into our deep backyard, I learned to drive a 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle that had one wheel in the grave. Our family of five lived on al...

Piano Man and Unicorns

on Aug 30, 2013

Piano Man and UnicornsA former newspaper columnist, I host this much neglected blog. But in light of depressing news (Syria) and my own bad health (falling apart at the seams), I indulged in a little word gathering in an attempt to feel good about SO...

They don’t write obituaries for dogs. At least, they don’t run them in newspapers.  But like so many families with pets, ours feels compelled to honor the memory of our lost canines and cats with something more than a swift and painful goodb...