Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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So excited, can't wait.

Long Time No See

on Jul 1, 2017

You might wonder if this blog has been abandoned because I have never gone so long between updates.The answer is no, it hasn't.I haven't forgotten about this place but I have to admit it has been a lot longer since I updated here than I realized.That...


on Apr 16, 2017

Been writing in most of the usual spaces and places, with an emphasis on a couple of particulars.It has been going pretty well, but I am frustrated that I haven't had as much time to focus on it as I would like.Mostly because I am either busy working...

Hawkmoon 269

on Apr 3, 2017

I need your love.Direct and to the point.Sometimes that is what you have to do, come out and say what you feel and what you think.Twenty seconds of insane courage, hoping you don't get shot down and that your comment is met favorably.

One Day

on Mar 5, 2017

I want and need to have a long, open and honest conversation with someone who is very important to me.We got caught in the crazy spiderwebs that life sometimes weaves and lost in the chaos and confusion that comes along with it.I still believe that i...

A Hell Of A Time

on Feb 6, 2017

Sometimes the blog is a device whose purpose is to serve as a time machine you can use to look back at particular moments.When we look back now we'll remember how the Chief Deflater and his merry men staged a remarkable comeback.That is not something...

Where I Have Been

on Dec 5, 2016

Some of you have written and asked about where I have been and what has been going on.I haven't abandoned this blog but it is not my primary venue for writing. That particular honor is given to this joint.Here is a snapshot of some recent posts for y...