Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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Of Health & Sickness

on Oct 11, 2016

Got two in the family dealing with two different issues and all I can do is offer my support.Part of me feels comfortable saying I am doing all I can do and the other part says you have to find a way to do more.I stand firm and move forward because g...

Been thinking for a while about writing a post about people and expectations. For now this is a quick hit and run that I may use as a placeholder.Ran into some significant challenges not so long ago and became very aware of who was around to support...

That Shmata Queen

on Oct 6, 2016

I need to call the Shmata Queen or at least check in via text/email because it has been far too long since we engaged in "proper communications."Life got in the way of a bunch of things and I have spent a ton of time juggling chainsaws and torches.So...

Settling In

on Sep 1, 2016

Slowly settling into the new digs.Surreal to be back, in some ways it feels like I never really left. It is like I took an extended vacation and just got back this week.Even though it is a new area of town it doesn't feel so new, it is like I have be...

Got the answers to the big questions I was waiting on and now I hear a voice inside my head yelling to run hard, run fast and run free.Don't ask me to tell you what it means because I am too damn tired to pick it apart. I just know that I have less t...

Two Steps Closer

on Jul 22, 2016

Two steps closer to answers.Two steps closer to knowing when and where the future starts while trying to enjoy the present.Two steps closer to what comes next.Just wish it didn't take so damn long to take those next steps.

Where To Live

on Jun 21, 2016

There is a certain pleasure in knowing you are moving but not knowing where the next location will be.To be clear, some of the timing on this isn't what I would classify as prime time but when opportunity knocks you answer or accept that you missed a...