Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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A Hell Of A Time

on Feb 6, 2017

Sometimes the blog is a device whose purpose is to serve as a time machine you can use to look back at particular moments.When we look back now we'll remember how the Chief Deflater and his merry men staged a remarkable comeback.That is not something...

Where I Have Been

on Dec 5, 2016

Some of you have written and asked about where I have been and what has been going on.I haven't abandoned this blog but it is not my primary venue for writing. That particular honor is given to this joint.Here is a snapshot of some recent posts for y...

Life is never going to stop surprising us now  is it. Just when I thought I had things mostly figured out and getting better they got weirder.Feeling off center and struggling right now to get a handle on whether there is legitimate reason to be...

What I Would Say

on Nov 1, 2016

There is someone I would really like to speak with, to have a honest conversation where we just lay out our cards on the table.

Of Health & Sickness

on Oct 11, 2016

Got two in the family dealing with two different issues and all I can do is offer my support.Part of me feels comfortable saying I am doing all I can do and the other part says you have to find a way to do more.I stand firm and move forward because g...

Been thinking for a while about writing a post about people and expectations. For now this is a quick hit and run that I may use as a placeholder.Ran into some significant challenges not so long ago and became very aware of who was around to support...

That Shmata Queen

on Oct 6, 2016

I need to call the Shmata Queen or at least check in via text/email because it has been far too long since we engaged in "proper communications."Life got in the way of a bunch of things and I have spent a ton of time juggling chainsaws and torches.So...