Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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Peanut Butter Is

on Nov 13, 2018

Peanut butter is chunky or smooth, not crunchy or peanut less.

Did You Miss Me?

on Sep 17, 2018

Did you miss me dear reader? Did you notice I have been absent or was the silence acceptable?I have been saying I would come back to visit and been trying to get here. Maybe not hard enough, but trying nonetheless.Life has been hectic, my dad got rea...

Sometimes I wonder if this place is fated to be the blog that never dies because every time I think it is on it is final gasp it is revived.Never as it once was but always more than a shell.This is where it began and maybe if it ends it is what will...

Things I Miss

on Dec 1, 2017

I miss this blog and the person who pushed me to write so many of the posts that you found here. Sometimes I think all is gone and that time has forced me to accept this is just something that was.And then there is a moment where I realize, everythin...


So excited, can't wait.

Long Time No See

on Jul 1, 2017

You might wonder if this blog has been abandoned because I have never gone so long between updates.The answer is no, it hasn't.I haven't forgotten about this place but I have to admit it has been a lot longer since I updated here than I realized.That...