Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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One More Dance

on Mar 14, 2022

 He figured he had one more dance left in him. One more chance to waltz around the floor and then make a decision.There would be a partner or there would be no partner.

Just Another Monday

on Feb 7, 2022

It is just another Monday or so the calendar says. No particularly important events are scheduled nor is there mention of birthdays for anyone truly important to me.At least I don't think there is, but it is always possible that I am unaware of one.T...

 It is too bad the Shmata Queen never got to visit Ritchie's Pizza because if she had she would understand why a post I wrote 15 years ago still sees traffic.

One Step At A Time

on Dec 26, 2021

 Occasionally people ask if this blog is dead and I always say the answer is no. Ask me if it is dying and I'll tell you that is a different discussion.Give me some benchmarks to discuss and we can determine if there is any truth to it being a y...

Dear SQ

on Dec 2, 2021

 Figure this as a placeholder for a letter to SQ.

Wasn't SQ

on Nov 6, 2021

 It wasn't SQ who checked out this post but it made me smile all the same. Reminded me of several discussions we once had.

Words On A Page

on Sep 18, 2021

 Added a few words on a page, some well written, some less so but all with purpose in mind. Can't win the Pulitzer every time, for certain you will fall short but if you don't try you never can win, now can you.