Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

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Connections Part Deux

on Apr 13, 2021

 Still thinking about connections and what a few words on a page can do.Change your life.


on Apr 2, 2021

 This blog used to be my home but then I launched this one and since then I haven't been able to decide what to do with this one.I don't want to shut down but it is harder to keep this one going than it used to. Still thinking about it, not goin...

One More Post

on Mar 17, 2021

 One more post to keep this alive, one more post to say it is not quite dead if not quite alive.The blog that keeps on going.Look for me upon the morrow and I will be back.

Oh Shmata Queen

on Jan 18, 2021

 Will you ever start blogging again? Will you ever admit I am on your list of favorite people. The answer to both is maybe.

That Shmata Queen

on Dec 23, 2020

 That Shmata Queen ought to agree that it is time to lock lips again and find out what lies beneath the surface.


on Nov 26, 2020

 Thanksgiving 2020 is in the books, what a wild and wacky year it has been. Grateful we're all healthy and working on keeping that going.

Shmata Queen Musings

on Nov 7, 2020

 I expect the Shmata Queen to show up here sooner or later to read through some of my musings. Might be interesting to her, might not be.Not nearly as good as the conversations in persons would be. That is what ought to happen. Better to go hard...