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After The Great Reset

on Sep 22, 2023

 The Police? No thanksRamones? Umm... what was the question?                                         Stooges? Yes we are.Crime? Fuck yeah!


on Jun 19, 2022

Luc KordasThis morning as I washed the few cups and spoons left from last night’s tipsy return home, I looked up as a blue commuter train passed my window on its approach to Central Station, silhouettes of a few passengers in the windows, and I was...

Just Saying...

on Apr 17, 2022


Neil Young is Dead

on Feb 28, 2022

Last Exit from Lewisham ~ Photo by P.I. Here at the abattoir, we partake in the slaughterStart from our shins and work our way upWe are all numbered heads chipped and readBloodied nails chipped and redWe have the eyes of a bureaucratWe have the...

 Gotta get those numbers up?Need to keep your credibility intact?Struggling to regain the public trust?Why not try a triple dose ofDr. Iscariot’s DESPERATIONYou’ve then got to ask yourself “If this C8vid vaccination isn’t protecting me...

Do Androids Dream?

on Jan 7, 2022

Barricade's Fall

on Nov 28, 2021

We Had Different Plans ~ Gregory Ferrand Down the double helix she slides, leg muscles accentuated through denim, face a narrow wedge cut by black eyes shadowed; purpose personified.The waiting clang of mechanised fuckwits fidget in anticipation...