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The Goddess Consumed

on Nov 23, 2020

via Pour 15 Minutes D'AmourThe goddess moves slowHer self to nourishSlower than time’s increments can conveyFrom the grinding of leaves to dust and mudTo the glaciers’ courser carvingsThe goddess moves so slowHer potions to brewThat the leaves fe...

R e d S a i l s

on Nov 20, 2020

It Has Been Emotional ~ Randy OrtizIn the interstitial slumber hour; the hour that hangs between his last pee and full awakening; he wanders why nobody believes themselves to be anything but one of the good guys.He surmises that the problem lies in t...

W h i t e N o i s e

on Nov 13, 2020

Ksenia LaninaThere’s a heavily secured corridor that runs between the flooded Thames south bank at Woolwich New Terminal, itself heavily armed and defended, and the Barracks on the slope of Shooters Hill.Along its route from the river, uphill to an...

B l a c k B o x

on Nov 6, 2020

Udine Crali 1939When they kicked back against the influx; their inherent racism was brought to bear on the fact that their gang no longer ran the street.Immigrants out! was the mantra of that England First brand of patriotism, long nurtured as fodder...

R.I.P. Robert Fisk

on Nov 2, 2020

1946 ~ 2020Reading The Great War for Civilisation changed my understanding of 20th century history. If only we had more journalists with a fraction of Robert Fisk's integrity.

New Series

on Oct 31, 2020

Artwork © Julien Missaire (used with kind permission) Fascism:It’s difficult to paint a picture without the direct assistance of light.Grey is hard to work with unless you employ hard contrast.Clarity is a question of pixels per square millim...

Tom MooreWhile drone cams pan obscene discretePanoramic views of razor wielding clown carnageSafe Family Entertainment made raw meatAnd the moral of this tale so awfully toldBy some meathead reporter accostedBy the logos, the egos, the questions cold...