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Grafitti for thr Soul

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An Innocent Man

on Oct 21, 2017

I'm Starting to Work Up Some Anxiety About this Whole Thing ~ Dan MumfordWhen we walk through a crowded thoroughfare the mind narrows its focus onto the destination; our usual facial recognition subroutine is disabled as unnecessary so that we see, b...

Voodoo Pin-Cushion

on Oct 19, 2017

Dreamchild ~ Bang SanghoThe path up to the plateau of Hilly Fields had always troubled him; ever since he’d started cycling in the area. He would reach the plateau gasping for breath and on one or two occasions the spectre of his death had entered...


Chromium Skye

on Oct 13, 2017

With faces back-lit by atom-glow and thumbprint access to a smart world future, we ride the light-speed wave of progress ever-forward toward the waiting utopia.And we smile unsurprised by the ingenuity of humanity; with streamlined fishtailed weather...

Hate Paper Doll

on Oct 11, 2017

Nighthawks ~ Edward Hopper 1942I saw you between my hands cupped against the city’s reflection on the plate glass window of some Point Road bar. You were drinking from a shot glass, 9 in the morning, 1977 and blood from a new tattoo was seeping thr...

Giant Impact Theory

on Oct 2, 2017

Bando TamasaburoThe sign reads: Markov 53.4N 62.7WShouldering the bag, I step down from the train onto the platform; stuttering relays in the station’s antiquated gravity unit cause grey dust to levitate a centimetre above the pointed silver tips o...

Tail Wags Dog

on Sep 30, 2017