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Grafitti for thr Soul

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Sacrificial Anode

on May 14, 2021

Season Bloom ~ Nguyen Thanh Nhan In grey silhouette profile against the sky full moon bisected and reflected perfectly by the glassy wet horizon, Iskandar kneels in full ceremonial armour.Caped and cowled Aurora approaches, her elegant footfalls...

More Tea?

on Apr 5, 2021

 There’s a turnaround for the books: during Saturday’s KillTheBill protest in London, the crowd effectively kettled the police.Now whether this occurred due to good planning on the side of the protesters or bad planning by the police, it is...

Dead Binary Star

on Mar 22, 2021

 The majority shareholders in Empire UK employ two agencies to take care of the controls.Agency 1 is the Ministry of PropagandaAgency 2 is the Ministry of Division (not to be confused with the Division Division which consists of only 2 civil ser...

There is nothing unhealthier than a room lit by television.Not simply the light being emitted, but rather the quality of the information being beamed into the unlit mind.Television is a beacon that is set to transmit only – there is no conversation...

R e d C e l l s

on Feb 5, 2021

It’s dark in here; dark and cold at the rim of time where the future has ceased to be imaginable. No plan, no hope, no hint of fate to drag us through the day nor flickering candle to guide us through the night.The ventilation shafts offer up perio...


on Feb 1, 2021

Shepherd FaireyThe same people who, not so long ago, were outraged at the enforced wearing of face covering for Muslim women, declaring it an infringement of women’s rights, a symbol of oppression; now accept without question the enforced wearing o...

W h i t e H e a t

on Jan 29, 2021

Le Simulateur ~ Dora MarrA drop of semen hangs from the tip of Edwards penis as he leans into the tripod-mounted matt-black sniper rifle. From a gentle caress of the soft-sprung trigger and the rifle-jerk in Edward’s shoulder a percussive champagne...