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Generally speaking, I think that we there is a lot of nonsense in the world...


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There must be an uncaused first cause. The post Award-Winning Physicist: Science Supports the Existence of God; Atheism Defies the Scientific Method appeared first on RedState.

As regular readers of this blog will know, I am an atheist. And as an atheist, I am horrified at the murder of dozens of muslims in New Zealand as they met to worship. While I do not agree with their religious beliefs, I believe all humans have the r...

Last week, incoming Senator Kyrsten Sinema [D-AZ] was sworn in by Mike Pence, in his aspect as President of the Senate, choosing to take her oath on a book containing both the Constitutions of the United States of America and Arizona, a tome repeatin...

Guest: Victoria Smolkin on A Sacred Space Is Never Empty: A History of Soviet Atheism published by Princeton University Press. [spp-player]...

In Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Daniel Dennett hopes to break the spell--not of religious belief, but of the conviction that it is not a fit subject for scientific inquiry. Never the twain shall meet--this is a bad idea accor...

The best-selling story of a journalist's journey from atheism to Christianity is coming to theaters this spring The post Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” Gets the Big Screen Treatment appeared first on RedState.

The son of a famous pastor, Bart Campolo is now a rising star of atheism — using the skills he learned in the world he left behind.