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Book reviews, monthly articles, Booker Prize coverage, and trying to hit a target of 100 books read in one year.

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Our bodies move as onein a dance that's bothas old as earthand new as now.Wordlesslywe move in breathssustaining usfrom east to west.Words only formwhen least tried for;your lips move,and you can't even hear yourself,but know I can,with every pulsati...

The power that you and I haveover and between each other,strong as steel,powers our destiny,propelling us to feel.

You curl around melike smoke in the air,our imaginary newborn's first lock of hair,or our furtive photographs.

MountaineeringAgnostics don't place much faith in much,but somehow we intuitedthat this one might work out.Yet trusting intuition seemsat times too much to bear;you barely dare to imagine,fearing both wrongness and loss.Reasons are ticked off onmenta...

And then I went too faris what some would say,but I would say I went just far enough,for once,to where reality finds its face:in your brown eyes,inside your heart,and in what true love is.

While I was pacing the floor of my thoughtsyou came there,a whispering shadowfilled with lightwho flickered across the parquetand invited me to you.

Finally I understandwhat it is to create a scentthat is uniquely us;it pervades the bedsheetswith a raisinbread yeastinessand a passionate wetnessthat mean we lay them out to dry,childlike forts across the chairs.That outer child is something elsewe...