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In our Back to School series, Mashable tackles the big issues students face, from mental health to representation to respectful communication. Because returning to the classroom is about more than buying school supplies.  As your child heads ba...

Probably true

By Mark Wadsworth on Aug 19, 2019 in: Children

From The Daily Mail:Parenthood makes people happier - but only after their offspring have moved out. That's according to research from Germany's Heidelberg University which examined data from a recent European survey.It asked 55,000 people about thei...

What in the world is happening? The post At Drag Queen Story Hour, Now Small Children Can Learn Something New: How to Sexually Twerk appeared first on RedState.

You never know what's going on behind closed doors. The post Alabama Baptist Pastor Confessed to Relationships with Underage Boys – During Sunday Service appeared first on RedState.

Senators are questioning Facebook again. This time their concerns are related to a design flaw that let thousands of kids join group chats with unauthorized users, The Verge reports. Senators Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) w...

A new weekly feature in which I give advice no one asked for The post Kira’s Unsolicited Advice: Learn to Say ‘No’ to Your Children appeared first on RedState.

This week I had an epiphany. I was reading about parents who had trouble toilet training their kids and was very confused. I didn't toilet train my boys. When they showed signs of being ready I just created an environment where using the toilet/potty...