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Blog featuring original fractal artwork with the odd "non fractal" image thrown in for good measure. Each post ends with a daily "Gratitude Item".

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Modern Memory

on Jul 6, 2020

Does this give new meaning to the idea of a fractal flame? Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant first day of holiday where being creative was the focus.

Ice Puzzle

on Jul 5, 2020

Putting together these pieces took a while... Today's Gratitude Item: Beating a recalcitrant WordPress theme into submission. Significant progress has been made but we are not quite there yet...

Star Procrastination

on Jul 4, 2020

Made when I had other stuff that I was meant to be doing. Today's Gratitude Item: Having time to experiment with Xpics which is a tool for adding metadata to files and then uploading them to micro-stock sites. This is very much a work in progress..

Confused Panda

on Jul 2, 2020

This is my entry to the 'Good Panda' contest. Back when I still used Flickr, they did an upgrade and the competition was a reult of that. The panda had a brief identity crisis, thought it was a polar bear and went in search of some snow. She found...

String Fruit

on Jul 2, 2020

As in fruit made out of string. It's pretty but I'd be worried about the texture. Today's Gratitude Item: Learning how to access / install non-core libraries in Python using Pycharm. It turns out this is extremely easy to do and it opens up a worl...

Winter Scales

on Jul 1, 2020

This one looks better if one zooms out. Today's Gratitude Item: Being nice and toasty braving an icy cold night to get to and from dance class. It was worth it but it's great to once again be warm, safe and dry :)...

Door to Paradise

on Jun 30, 2020 in: Green

Somehow the 'ripple / string' design always 'works'. Today's Gratitude Item: Three more days of term. It's been a long slog at school and we are all counting down...