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How long is this going to continue? The post Ilhan Omar Played with Phone, Laughed During House’s Denouncement Prompted by Her Anti-Semitism appeared first on RedState.

International condemnation flowed in on Friday in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Germany, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and Syria all criticized the move, saying it would o...

A righteous and long overdue decision The post President Trump Makes A Bold Call About the Golan Heights appeared first on RedState.

The local television behemoth Sinclair Broadcast Group is infamous for its extreme right-wing politics and dedication to seeding those beliefs into its local news broadcasts. Ring of Honor, the wrestling promotion that Sinclair owns, has somehow avoi...

A fragment of a pottery jar decorated with a human face dating back to the Persian period was discovered in excavations in Jerusalem. This is the first time such a vessel has been found in Jerusalem or any site in the Judean highlands. The fragment...

The first part of his post comes from Alexander Lee. The second part reflects my own experiences. Falafel is an archetypical Middle Eastern dish. Made from ground fava beans, chickpeas or both, these deep-fried balls are a staple of Levantine cuisine...

Is a civil war brewing in the Gaza Strip? The post Hamas Shoots Its Own Citizens and No One Seems to Care appeared first on RedState.