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The ramblings of an artist, mother of four sons, urban chicken rancher, and parent of a son with a brain tumor. All about life and staying happy.

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on Jun 11, 2015

"Brothers" 9x12 watercolor on Arches rough Here is a painting I did for my oldest son's birthday, he is the one on the left. The reference I used is a snapshot I took as my first and third sons were walking away from me in a crowed parking lot.


on Mar 14, 2015

"Sunflower" 8x8" watercolorThis is a little painting I did of a Sunflower. The colors in the actual painting are so much more vibrant and the splatters of paint are more noticeable but, as with most photos of my art I have such a hard time getting it...


on Feb 6, 2015

Another acrylic pop-are style portrait: My refrence photo:  I did some sketches on my compyThe question beard... or no beard?  he decided he liked the beard, good choice..."Marty" 12x16" acrylic on canvasTo see more of my art go t...


on Jan 31, 2015

Here is the process of painting of "Buddy": Refrence photo:I began on a white canvas with  a teeny bit of black then added phthalo blue, burnt umber Next I added ACRA Magenta, Cad yellow light, and a green background. All the colo...

Portrait of Sam

on Jan 27, 2015

Here is a commissioned painting I did of a sweet doggy. I did it very loose and colorful. I know that it looks a little like watercolor but, it is done in acrylic. I did do most of the dog in loose washes and glazes of transparent acrylic paint...

Star Light

on Jan 25, 2015

I did this painting for my brother and his wife for Christmas. When I asked what they wanted as a Christmas gift she asked for a painting that combined both their favorite things, she loves lighthouses and he loves Star Trek. this is the painting tha...

Now the painting is getting really close to being finished. I paint all the little details that make it finished. Most detail belongs on the focal point, in this case the lighthouse. I very seldom paint the fine detail anywhere else but the focal poi...