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Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum have identified and named a new species of dinosaur in honour of renowned Canadian palaeontologist Dr. Philip J. Currie. Albertavenator curriei, meaning "Currie's...

Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd performed at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 on July 15th. Performed at the Bluesville stage to an overwhelming exciting crowd.

This was my first time seeing Dead Obies at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2017. They are an experimental hip hop band originating from South Shore, Quebec. Seeing all 6 members on the Blacksheep Inn stage is quite something to see.

Montreal’s dance-funk party band Busty and the Bass performed at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 on the BlackSheep Inn stage. Promoting their upcoming album Uncommon Good which drops on September 8th. Favorite set from the festival on July 15th.

American musician Delicate Steve performed on the City Stage at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2017 on July 15th. Decked out in a stunning blue blazer and pants. Got things going with his blend of folk, psych-rock and surf rock guitar music.

Have a listen to No Filter for July 17, 2017. HOUR ONE: HOUR TWO: PLAYLIST: Slumbers – Stay Hidden Boyscott – Nova Scotia 500 Japanese Breakfast – Boyish / 12 Steps Exit Someone – Absent Lover Tess Roby – Ballad 5 Co/ntr...

Ottawa’s Blakdenim played at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2017. Performing on the Claridge Homes Stage with their blend of hip-hop, funk, rock and soul. Got the audience moving and shaking in the nice hot weather!