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Mic Test is a website where you can test your microphone. That's all there is to it, and it's all done in-browser. You click the button, your device asks for permission, and it works—and if it doesn't work, well, your mic failed the test then, didn...

On this fine Cyber Monday, I see websites have recommendations for printers to buy. Many recommend a specific echelon of model from HP. I'm just here to tell you: no! Absolutely not. Don't buy a printer that's a fragile, clattering, grinding pile...

With a tap any Android or Apple phone user will be able to talk to ChatGPT. OpenAI, the company behind […] The post OpenAI offers ChatGPT voice chat to all free users on mobile appeared first on ReadWrite.

On Oct 12, 2022, Valve launched an updated version of its popular handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck, with an […] The post Valve avoids supply pitfalls with Steam Deck OLED launch appeared first on ReadWrite.

Apple's next generation of laptops, not to be in production for several years, will include cellular connections, reports MacRumors. But they won't be like the chipsets found in its phones and high-end tablets: the company plans to integrate it into...

Ivan Kuleshov hacked the Magic Mouse so that it wouldn't hurt to use it anymore, re-housing it in a taller and more ergonomic casing. All its nice features are preserved and his precise work has the fit (if not quite the finish) you'd expect of an Ap...

Kwumsy is a mechanical keyboard with a built-in 1920×720 touchscreen display and one of various similar designs, folding and flat. Connecting via USB-C or HDMI, it has a USB hub, card reader and an m.2 slot for more storage. The multifunctio...