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He “built the most influential media empire in the world,” and banned garlic in the cafeteria. After his death on Sunday, former colleagues reminisced.

Newspapers, including The Times, could not help but follow Mr. Hefner’s exploits. His story was the story of changing attitudes toward sex.

Mr. Hefner, the magazine’s very public avatar, styled himself as an emblem of the sexual revolution.

Seemingly everyone in Hollywood has a story about the Playboy Mansion. Some of them are ugly.

In 2008, the founder of the Playboy empire sat down with The New York Times to talk about his influences, his well-publicized lifestyle and his labor of love.

A spate of departures by celebrity editors suggests that the romance of the industry has faded, as magazines grasp for new revenue streams.

Ms. Bonniwell held a number of top positions at Time Inc. at a heady time for magazine publishing, paving the way for future female managers.