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The American investigative journalist and documentarian was a core supporter of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and provided support of whistle-blowers.

Gary Younge examines the lives of 10 young Americans, ages 9 to 19, whose lives were snuffed out by firearms over 24 hours in 2013.

Mr. Coates, curator of Festival Albertine, a celebration of French and American culture, discusses race, identity and the arts in France and the U.S.

News publications continue to be pummeled by rapidly declining print advertising revenue, and newsrooms everywhere are scrambling.

The Museum of Modern Art has acquired the original set of 176 emoji that were designed by Shigetaka Kurita.

The rapid wireless technology the company has described as a pillar of its Time Warner deal probably is a decade away from meaningful deployment.

Donald J. Trump has been a near-constant presence in TV shows, movies, documentaries, pageants and even professional wrestling events, since the 1980s.