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How to navigate a fractious, scandal-plagued year at the movies.

The director may have a tarnished reputation in the United States, but he has been able to secure funding from a Barcelona-based company for a new project.

Vanity Fair has ruled the roost, but its guest list is bloated by corporate sponsorships. And now there’s competition from Jay-Z.

Fox must decide what to do about Mr. Smollett’s character on the show, which is filming its fifth season and has not yet been renewed for a sixth.

Nicole Carroll, the newspaper’s editor in chief, apologized for a racist photo that appeared in a college yearbook in the late 1980s, when she was the yearbook’s editor.

The Chicago police said Thursday that the “Empire” actor, upset over his salary, staged a fake assault with the help of two brothers.

One of the company’s newly unveiled models works with 5G wireless networks. Another folds up like a book.