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Editor Ben Smith and reporter Anthony Cormier went on CNN, but it doesn't look good for them. The post BuzzFeed Tells CNN Their Story Is Right, But Otherwise… No Comment appeared first on RedState.

This it the kind of institutionalized male-hating the modern feminist movement has mass produced and weaponized. The post BuzzFeed Editor Says Brett Kavanaugh Is A Lot Like That Covington Catholic High School Kid appeared first on RedState.

"Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak." The post CNN: Maybe Karen Pence Shouldn’t Have Secret Service Protection If She Teaches at a Christian School appeared first on RedState.

Truth is still trying to get its pants on but someone tied the trouser legs together. The post The Narrative Of the Drumming Indian and Catholic High School Kid Is Changing appeared first on RedState.

Toronto's CBC building at Front and Wellington Streets is full of fans meeting their favorite celebrities during three days of meet and greets and Q and As. Starting Friday, January 18 (7-11pm) and continuing Saturday, January 19 (11am-5pm) and finis...

Are those letters crooked? What a difference just a couple of hours make. When everyone woke up Friday morning to the news that Buzzfeed had EXCLUSIVE reporting that Donald Trump had told his lawyer at the time to lie to Congress, the only question t...

The lack of any corroborating reporting from other outlets on an issue like this is a big indicator that something is amiss. The post Why Are Other Media Outlets Silent On BuzzFeed’s Bombshell Report? appeared first on RedState.