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Pres Bush 41 and his Houston Rockets both rebound nicely. President George H.W. Bush is a fighter. We all knew that. Yet when word of his being checked into a hospital and in I.C.U. just a day after his wife’s funeral spread throughout the inte...

Bourbon On The Rocks for April-25-2018 has Red State contributor Thomas LaDuke talking about this. * Lots of posts here at Red State about Alfie Evans and Duke talks about a couple of them. * Recall elections are fun but FIRST you have to get the lan...

It looks like Digg has found a new owner: digital advertising company BuySellAds, which has acquired a majority stake in the news aggregator. It seems that last month’s shut down of Digg Reader was a sign that there were changes in the works...

Not helping yourself out here, Jim The post Jim Acosta Claims Trump Supporters Are Probably Going to Kill Reporters appeared first on RedState.

You seldom hear what political gear a criminal suspect was wearing unless it involves someone on the right. The post Man in MAGA Hat Pushes Hispanic Man Onto NYC Subway Tracks, But What Aren’t They Telling You? appeared first on RedState.

The Echo Chamber is now (re)open(ed) for business The post CBS News Gives Iranian Foreign Minister a Tongue Bath to Try to Save Obama’s Legacy appeared first on RedState.

I saw something truly fascinating and infuriating happen on social media on Sunday. Country music legend, Shania Twain, — a Canadian — was figuratively lit on fire over comments she made in an interview with The Guardian. Twain, who is no...