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India provided 12% of all the skilled tech workers migrating to the UK in 2016, while the US provided 10%.

North Korea warned about the blockade that "we will see it as an act of war and respond with merciless self-defensive counter-measures."...

"If you go back and do a rewind, you say, 'Yep, he's guilty.' He's lied so badly to us from the beginning until now. He was involved in it. He knew"...

"You're bragging that you want us to be in the civic process. Now do something for that."...

Nearly 5 million Americans have defaulted on federal student loans, incurring debt that hurts their credit and the economy.

After years of records, new development sales volume dipped 13%.

A former "Today" show employee told Variety about her alleged secret 'encounters' with Matt Lauer, the former host who was fired in November.