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PwC forecast that AI would displace 20% jobs by 2037, but it would also create just as many jobs. That suggests fears about robots rendering humans useless may be overblown.

Vote Leave referred to the Metropolitan Police for exceeding election spending limits.

Photos show women having their dresses cut off to their hips while they're in the middle of the street. China subjects Uighurs to extreme rules in an effort to crack down on religious extremism.

Here's what Republicans had to say about President Donald Trump's first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A reporter for British broadcaster Channel 4 went undercover as a Facebook moderator at CPL Resources. They found that Facebook is failing to delete shocking examples of graphic violence, child abuse, and racism, including a little boy being beaten...

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Walmart announced a strategic tie-up with Microsoft on cloud technology. The two companies are Amazon's two biggest rivals in cloud computing and retail. The tie-up will make shopping faster and easier for consumers, accord...

Hawaii officials say an explosion from the Kilauea volcano sent lava flying through the roof of a tour boat off the Big Island, injuring at least 23 people.