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Global stocks staged a recovery at the end of the week after strong US inflation unnerved investors.

Greene claimed she was just "talking" to Ocasio-Cortez, a suggestion knocked back by Jacqueline Alemany of The Washington Post, who was there.

A large crowd had surrounded the van in which two men were detained, shouting "Cops go home."...

Yulia Peresild is set to undergo space training before launching for the ISS on October 5, Roscosmos said Thursday.

Israel and Hamas have exchanged air attacks this week, with Israel launching airstrikes and Hamas firing rockets. Dozens of people have died.

Google partnered with Starlink, Colonial Pipeline paid a ransom, and Bill Gates said his marriage was loveless: 10 things in tech you need to know.

Ed Bastian, Delta's CEO, said unvaccinated employees would "probably" be barred from international flights.