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Filed under: Etc.,Chrysler,Driving,Safety,Minivan/Van No injuries or crashes have been linked to the issue, which Chrysler says it's investigating.Continue reading Chrysler Pacifica owners report sudden power loss; FCA can’t figur...

A relative unknown prepares to follow Graydon Carter, who embraced the role of celebrity editor during his 25 years at the helm.

Ms. Jones would replace Graydon Carter, who has been in place 25 years. She will be the first woman to edit the magazine since Tina Brown.

Louis C.K. loves masturbation. Even people with a passing knowledge of his comedy know that, since the jerking-off motion basically became a calling card of his stand-up routine.  It was such an obsessive focus of C.K.'s body of work that, in 20...

The cloak-and-dagger undertaking is said to have included the use of an agent who posed as a women’s rights advocate to befriend and spy on the actress Rose McGowan.

NPR’s top news editor, a former high-ranking editor at The New York Times, is the latest major media figure to face professional consequences over allegations of misbehavior.

The New York Times is now available as an "Onion Service" on the Tor network, at the address https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/ -- meaning that anyone with Tor access can securely and privately access the Times without giving away any information ab...