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Was this a bluff? The post Nobody Knows What the Calm Before the Storm Could Be appeared first on RedState.

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North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un went off on Donald Trump, and everyone is impressed with the totalitarian ruler's insult and dictionary skills.  Kim's statement included many notable phrases — none of them very flattering to the American...

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's public war of words edged another notch closer to armageddon Thursday when the North Korean leader issued a fiery attack on Trump's UN address. In a long and personal statement published by North Korean news agency KCNA...

In a series of eclectic Twitter posts, President Trump also appeared to refer to Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, as Rocket Man.

Amid escalating tensions with North Korea over its ballistic missile and nuclear program, results of a Gallup poll released on Friday show that the majority of Americans favor military action against Pyongyang. The poll, conducted last week, indicate...