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Starvation is now gripping the North Korean military, and the people will suffer for it. The post North Korean Officials Order Troops to Steal Food from Rural Farmers in Desperate Bid to Feed Starving Military appeared first on RedState.

Diplomacy isn't easy ... especially if your boss is Donald Trump.  Speaking at Stanford on Wednesday, according to Vanity Fair, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shared this fun insight into White House foreign policy: Uhhh ... what? So the secr...

Today a group of sixteen nations joined the United States in a declaration that authorizes the participants to take action to prevent ships carrying cargoes related to weapons programs from either entering North Korea or transferring materials to Nor...

Since Saturday, when residents and vacationers in Hawaii were falsely alerted there was an incoming missile attack headed their way, the state’s emergency management department has been under intense scrutiny. The mistake that caused many on an...

The popularity of the book, which chronicles dysfunction in the White House, “foretells President Trump’s political demise,” North Korean state media said.

The enforcement of sanctions is becoming more serious The post South Korea Announces Yet Another Sanctions-Breaking Ship Has Been Seized appeared first on RedState.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un shows no signs of backing down. The post North Korea to America: You Are Within Our Nuclear Strike Range appeared first on RedState.