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Academic news from a researcher in psychology of religion

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A no-nonsense look at film business research from around the world

The Dinah Project BlogThe Dinah Project Blog

A rundown on what's good and what's bad in the world of sex, wit...

PTSD: A Soldier's PerspectivePTSD: A Soldier's Perspective

Combat PTSD Vet, blogger, advocate and social work student with a unique pe...

iPentimento | Genealogy and HistoryiPentimento | Genealogy and History

Genealogy and History

Uncovering The RoofUncovering The Roof

Researching the intersections between religion, disability, society and cul...

Coaching ResearchCoaching Research

The practice of coaching is expanding rapidly, yet the process and impact o...


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They can’t detect all conflicts, but new computer programs serve as guard rails when scientists and publishers fail to self-police.

11 of the 14 incarcerated individuals in jails who died from coronavirus were not convicted of a crime, per the report.

The videos of children playing with McDonald's toys and pretending to work at drive-thrus could reach millions of viewers, researchers found.

The Australia Institutereleased its Climate of the Nation 2020annual research report this month. This is the third year the Institute has published this research, the ten years previous to 2018 the survey was published by the Climate Institute. The q...

The US Army is looking to build an autonomous charging system that can support hundreds of drones. It has funded a four-year research project with the ultimate aim of kitting out ground-based vehicles with charging stations that swarms of drones can.

Back in the day when we actually used to interact with other people in real life, it wasn’t always clear whether someone was being friendly, wanted something from you, or was actually flirting. After several months in isolation, we’ve probably no...

The rise of home schooling has seen a spike in hacking attempts against educational institutions, said third-party security researchers Check Point. Its latest paper claims that the USA has seen the biggest increase, with academic sector attacks risi...