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Combat PTSD Vet, blogger, advocate and social work student with a unique pe...

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Researching the intersections between religion, disability, society and cul...

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A rundown on what's good and what's bad in the world of sex, wit...


Academic news from a researcher in psychology of religion

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A no-nonsense look at film business research from around the world

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Genealogy and History


Kip Jones' musings and reports on Performative Social Science, or the ...


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Ten James Webb space photos unveil the cradles of our universe, capturing star birth like never before inside beautiful molecular clouds.

Fake science can make it into reputable journals, due to the pressures of the publishing business. Take this AI-generated rat penis, for instance.

Satellites burning in our atmosphere leave metal particles in the stratosphere, and scientists don't know if these could affect our climate.

The James Webb Space Telescope has solved the mystery of what one of the brightest supernovae in history left behind.

A long-running network of accounts, known as Spamouflage, is using A.I.-generated images to amplify negative narratives involving the presidential race.

Homo sapien bones in a German cave prove early humans occupied Europe 47,500 years ago alongside Neanderthals, challenging early human history.

There's another missing submersible: Scientists lost contact with a $3.6M sub revolutionizing climate science near Antarctica's "Doomsday Glacier."...