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Researchers found that jobs in tech, finance, and communications are more exposed to the affects of AI than blue-collar jobs like manufacturing.

New research from Adidas finds 92% of women are concerned for their safety while running.

The research comes as the conversation over how AI, like the buzzy ChatGPT, will impact society has intensified.

There are a number of short, beneficial strategies that managers can use to improve employee wellbeing. And they can be done on a shoestring budget.

New research suggests that when employees are let go, it can make other team members are more likely to quit. Twitter, Disney, and Meta — take note.

Demetrius Haley, who is now charged with Nichols' murder, received a written reprimand in November 2021 for failing to report the use of force.

About 40% of US parents say they're worried that their children might struggle with anxiety or depression at some point, according to Pew Research.