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Steve who?

By Total Flanker on Sep 2, 2017 in: rugby

It appears that the RFU has itself a new CEO and it is…..(drum roll)….…STEVE BROWN. TaaDaaahh!!Err, sorry, who?You know, Steve Brown - currently the RFU’s Chief Officer of Business Operations and formerly MD of England Rugby 2015 – THAT Ste...

As another new season approaches and my son's team (now Under 15s) drifts back to training, I and the team's other coaches are once again faced with having to understand, and then explain, various changes to the laws of the game that have been introd...

Ja, it’s true apparently.One of the more bizarre stories of the week is that Toby Flood has said he would consider switching his international allegiance to Germany, the land of his grandfather.Flood, a German passport holder, already has 60 Englan...


By Total Flanker on Aug 18, 2017 in: rugby

There's not much that Saracens get wrong these days but, simply put,THIS...IS...RUBBISH.

Whole Wide World

By Total Flanker on Aug 11, 2017 in: rugby

When I was a young boyMy mama said to me"There's only one girl in the world for youAnd she probably lives in Tahiti."Delighted to have the opportunity to post the opening lyrics from one of my favourite songs from the seventies - Whole Wide World by...

It's August and you know what that means.Yes, time once again for the RFU to attempt to extract yet more cash from the pockets of English rugby supporters with another shameless launch of another unnecessary new England rugby kit.This time there's so...

Back from my hols this weekend and slap bang into the row over the proposed culling of England Women's professional contracts by the RFU after the World Cup.Look, the RFU can quite rightly point to the fact that they have led the way internationally...