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@philberge #Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend ♬ I like hot moms – Thatmulletdude Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above,...

This week, a friend of mine tweeted, “Why do so many celebrity women date men who look like a pub toilet wall?” He was responding to a paparazzi photo of Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Kardashian grasping Barker’s tatt...

Tattoos have a long and storied history with beautiful art and designs. With our 25+ Best Tattoo Fonts for Designers, you can add a new tool to your skillset.

Are you looking for best tattoo design elements? From brushes to vector art and toolkits to illustrations, these are top picks the internet has to offer!


What other tribute could be better than imprinting what you love and like on your body? A tattoo could be the ultimate souvenir from your favorite city trip or a way to make your city a permanent part of you. In this article, we’ve selected...

"I know Texans see right through this BS, and I'm damn proud of my tattoos because they're a mark of my service to our country," she told Insider.